NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ—March 18, 2023—Nubis Communications, Inc., a leading provider of high-density optical inter-connect (HDI/O) for ML/AI clusters, today announced that it will showcase its award-winning XT1600 linear optical engine in live and static demonstrations, and Nubis thought leaders will present multiple panels, technical sessions and other forums at OFC 2024, the premier event for optical communications and networking being held March 24 – 28 at the San Diego Convention Center.

The company will be showcasing its uniquely scalable XT1600 module made possible by a novel 2D optical-fiber array and highly integrated high-speed silicon photonics. The XT1600 will receive Lightwave Innovation Review’s highest rated award at the show as a “superb product that demonstrates breakthrough performance and/or innovation.” Its groundbreaking technology enables the scaling of ML/AI clusters to tens of thousands of xPUs using ultra-high-density optical interconnect while minimizing footprint, power and cost, which currently are limiting factors to the scaling of these clusters. The range of activities at the event highlights Nubis’ strong partner ecosystem and thought leadership, driven by recognition that its solution targets one of the most important problems in data center networking.

Show Floor Exhibitions

  • Live demonstrations of the XT1600 carrying Ethernet and PCIe Gen 6 signals will be shown in Nubis’ meeting room MR5510 during Exhibit Hall hours from March 26 – 28. The demonstration includes all sixteen channels of the XT1600 running 100G/lane linear drive Ethernet connected to a market leading 51.2T Ethernet switch, interoperability with 800G OSFP DR8 LPO pluggable modules from Applied Optoelectronics and linear optical waveform measurements courtesy of Tektronix. The Nubis optical engine can also be seen operating PCIe Gen 6 traffic with Alphawave Semi’s PipeCORE PHY with PiCORE Controller in both the Nubis room and Alphawave Semi’s room MR5617.
  • Static demonstrations of an 8 Tbps high-density NPO solution, including lasers, with ecosystem partners O-net Technologies, Senko Advanced Components and US Conec will be exhibited as part of the future Energy Efficient Interfaces Interop Demo at the Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) booth. Additional high-density concept demonstrations featuring OE Solutions and Lumentum lasers will be shown in the Nubis meeting room, Senko’s booth 3241 and US Conec’s booth 2440.

Talks and Presentations

  • Technical Workshop: CTO and Founder Peter Winzer will give a talk in the Workshop on “Co-packaged Optics: Is it only for the cloud or also for the edge AI services?”, on March 24 at 13:00.
  • IMEC ITF Photonics USA: CEO Dan Harding will present on “High density optics for ML/AI applications” at this co-located event discussing “Photonics solutions: Bridging technical & cost-efficiency challenges” on Monday March 25 19:00.
  • Optica Executive Forum: CEO Dan Harding will speak in the “Photonic Interconnects in AI Clusters” session on March 25 at 15:40.
  • Data Center Summit: VP of Marketing Scott Schube will speak on the “Lowering Power Consumption in Optical Solutions” panel on March 26 at 14:15.
  • Invited Paper: CTO and Founder Peter Winzer will give an invited talk on “High-Density Optical I/O for ML/AI Applications” on March 27 at 14:30.
  • PSC Workshop: Senior Director of Product Management Karen Liu will speak in the PSC workshop on “Optics for AI Compute Era: Opportunities and Potential Disruptions” on March 27 at 17:00.

Other Appearances

  • Short Course: CTO and Founder Peter Winzer is giving a course on “Modulation Formats and Receiver Concepts for Optical Transmission Systems” on March 24 at 8:30.
  • Award: Nubis Communications will receive its award from Lightwave Innovation Review in a ceremony on March 25 at 17:00.
  • Chairing/Organizing: CTO and Founder Peter Winzer will stimulate a lively discussion at the Rump Session on March 26, 17:30. The topic this year is “How Much Optics Does AI Need?”

Nubis Communications looks forward to meeting with customers and ecosystem partners next week in San Diego. To schedule a meeting contact

About Nubis Communications

Nubis innovates across photonics, electronics, packaging, and manufacturing to create optics with significantly better scalability, density, and power efficiency than existing solutions, breaking the I/O wall in data centers and enabling more advanced computing, AI, and machine learning. For more information visit

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