The 16 x112 Gbps optical engine delivers extremely high density and ultra low power optical connectivity. The XT1600 is optimized for electrical and optical performance, enabling it to operate in direct-drive applications without a dedicated optical DSP to save power and cost. It supports a wide variety of protocols and data rates while being fully compliant with 100G-DR1, 200G-DR2, 400G-DR4, 800G-DR8 and future 1.6T Ethernet.


Nubis provides its own robust end-to-end simulation environment that accurately models the high-speed electro-optical data path from the transmitting host Serdes through packaging and optics all the way to the receiving host Serdes. With this unique next-gen design tool Nubis can co-design with its customers the densest, lowest-power and highest-speed optical interconnects.

Tech Building Blocks

Optical Engine

The Nubis optical engine is uniquely designed to minimize electrical and optical loss and provide the best possible signal integrity. This minimizes power consumption that would otherwise be required to clean up or even retransmit the very high-speed data signals. With 16 full-duplex bidirectional channels of 100G PAM4 today, it is designed to match the density and lane speeds of today’s most advanced Serdes at 100G PAM4 per lane and is ready for 200G PAM4 per lane tomorrow.

Silicon Photonics

Nubis achieves the industry’s highest-density integration of 1.6 Tbps in a single silicon photonics PIC. Nubis’ proprietary modulators, photo detectors, waveguides and other advanced elements are supported in a high-volume commercial foundry. The terabit PIC design minimizes loss and maximizes performance and reliability.

High-Speed Electronics

Our own optical drivers and TIAs are purpose- built for use with our PICs and include advanced equalization to mitigate imperfections in both the optical and electrical channels. Together, the electronics and PIC achieve optimum signal integrity to support both retimed and direct-drive operation.

2D Fiber Array

A patented fiber coupling method breaks the fiber- constrained beachfront density allowing Nubis optics to be pitch-matched to modern advanced Serdes chip interfaces. All standard single-mode fibers for signals and polarization-maintaining fibers for sources are integrated in a single bundle per optical engine.