First product on breakthrough ultra-high density technology platform

New Providence, NJ—February 22, 2023—Nubis Communications, Inc. announced today that it will be demonstrating its XT1600™ optical engine at the OFC conference and tradeshow in San Diego next week.  This product is the first optical engine optimized for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) networks with the record-breaking density and ultra low power that these advanced applications require. The XT1600™ engine is optimized for un-retimed direct-drive operation to dramatically lowers the power, size, and cost of the solution.

The XT1600 achieves its record-breaking density while maintaining fully flexible fiber fan-out. With a total capacity of 1.6 Tbps optical transmit and 1.6 Tbps optical receive carried over 16 single-mode fiber pairs, the XT1600 enables flexible port and link assignments  as may be needed by system and network designs ranging from sixteen independent 100-Gbps full-duplex channels, four separate 400 Gbps full-duplex channels, two 800 Gbps full-duplex channels or a single point-to-point 1.6Tbps link.

In addition to showing the product in Booth 6410, Nubis Communications will also be participating in the following events at the world’s premier optical communications conference :

  • Founder and CTO Peter Winzer will give a Short Course (March 5)
  • CEO Dan Harding will present in the Executive Forum (March 6)
  • Principal Systems Engineer Son Le will present an Invited Paper (March 8)

 Founded in 2020 by industry luminary Peter Winzer and a cross-functional team of industry experts, Nubis has raised over $40 million from Matrix Partners and other leading investors.

The XT1600 is available now for sampling. Please contact Nubis Communications to request a sample or schedule a visit at the show.